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Úno 16, 2010, kategorie: Internet

Už asi počtvrté mi přišel e-mail od jakéhosi anglického domainera, který mi v něm, jakožto vlastníkovi, nabízel doménu Bohužel o tuto doménu nemám zájem a jeho e-maily mne spíše otravují.


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What we do is take different measures to help you promote your brand on the Internet. Little things’ effectiveness can compare to securing .com to a domain with any other extension. Everyone knows .com, a lot of users will intuitively seek you at .com extension so don’t give a chance to anyone else to use that advantage of yours.

There are third parties who may be interested in your domain. Many people out there reserve .coms to existing sites and domains in order to make profit of ’em. We may sell the domain to any of these persons and businesses but this is you who decides whether or not we do so. Please choose one of the following:

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